Independence Wrestling Yard Signs 2023 PROOF
Independence Wrestling Yard Signs 2023 PROOF
Independence Wrestling Yard Signs 2023 PROOF

Independence HS Yard Signs

Add your child’s info and pay for their personalized yard sign through our order form. Once the order deadline passes, we’ll design, print, and deliver the yard signs directly to Independence, where they will distribute the signs to you.

$5–10/Sign Back to Independence Wrestling

Delivered to Independence

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What are the photo requirements?

Professional or smartphone photos will both work! Whichever you choose, be sure to do the following:

  • Lighting: Make sure there’s lots of light. Outside photos work best.
  • Background: Take your photos on your field or in front of a light-colored wall.
  • Framing: Leave blank space on the sides and top and bottom of the photo so that we won’t lose important parts of the photo when cropped.
  • Sizing: For resolution, your photos will need to be at least 2,400 pixels wide and 5,400 pixels tall.

We recommend taking all the photos together at the same place at the same time so that they all look similar.

After you take your photos, do not place watermarks or use filters. The filename for each photo should be the student’s number (if applicable) and name; for example, 42 Firstname Lastname.png. 

PNG, JPEG, and HEIC file formats are all acceptable.

When will I get my yard sign?

After the order window closes, we will print the yard signs and deliver them to Independence within 5-7 business days at which point they’ll distribute your sign to you.

How much does Independence make on these signs?

Independence Wrestling makes $10/photo sign and $5/non-photo sign. Additionally, if Tiger families order 80+ yard signs total, we will donate an additional part of the profits back to Independence Wrestling.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum quantity for normal yard sign orders, however, in order to use the yard sign program as a fundraiser, your team will need to order 8+ yard signs for each order deadline we set.

Do the yard signs come with wire stakes?

Yes, we will include a metal H-stake with your yard sign.

Independence Order Form

Order by January 12