Heritage Football Yard Signs
Heritage Yard Sign FOOTBALL
Heritage Yard Sign CROSS COUNTRY
Heritage Yard Sign MARCHING BAND
Heritage Yard Sign FIELD HOCKEY
Heritage Yard Sign DRUMLINE
Heritage Yard Sign COLOR GUARD
Heritage Yard Sign GOLF
Heritage Yard Sign CHEERLEADING
Heritage Yard Sign VOLLEYBALL

Heritage HS Yard Signs

Add your child’s info and pay for their personalized yard sign through our order form. Once the order deadline passes, we’ll design, print, and deliver the yard signs directly to Heritage, where they will distribute the signs to you.

$5/Sign Back to Heritage

Delivered to Heritage

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When will I get my yard sign?

After the order window closes, we will print the yard signs and deliver them to Heritage within 5-7 business days at which point they’ll distribute your sign to you.

How much does Heritage make on these signs?

Heritage makes $5/sign. Additionally, if Pride families order 64+ yard signs total, we will donate part of the profits back to Heritage.

Do the yard signs come with wire stakes?

Yes, we will include a metal H-stake with your yard sign.

Heritage Order Form

Order by August 17