Frequently Asked Questions

How much do LoCoCutouts cost?

The price of your LoCoCutout is determined by your school. Some schools are using LoCoCutouts as a fundraiser, while others are just looking to put “fans” in the stands. The base cost for schools is $20/cutout. So if your LoCoCutout costs $30, your athletic booster club will get a $10 kickback for your cutout.

How long after I order will my LoCoCutout be istalled?

Once the order deadline has passed and the order minimum is met for your school, we typically get them to the school within 2-4 business days.

Why won't my photo upload?

We accept two photo format types: .jpeg and .png. The photos must be at minimum 2000×2000 pixels to ensure the best quality of your print. Please upload a photo with good lighting to get the best out of your cutout!

Can I print any photo?

Please print a photo of yourself. If you don’t own the rights to the photo, we won’t print it. Additionally, no inappropriate, graphic, or intentionally offensive images will be printed. If it wouldn’t be allowed in the school in person, it won’t be allowed on your cutout.

Additionally, please center your head on your photo. Anything outside of your shoulders will be cropped in your photo.

Do I get to keep my LoCoCutout after the season?

This is at the discretion of each athletic department.

What if the season gets delayed or canceled?

All payments made to purchase a LoCoCutout are final and in no event shall such payments be refunded for any reason, including but not limited to the delay, suspension, or early termination of a season.

How do we attach the cutouts to our indoor bleachers?

We tested this with an AD and found that simply leaning the cutout in your indoor bleachers is the easiest way to setup and breakdown your cutouts. If you choose to move your cutouts outside, we have wire stands available ($1.50/H-stake) that you can use to ziptie or otherwise fix the cutouts to your metal bleachers.

Is there a minimum quantity our school needs to order?

Yes, 8. Every time a school establishes an order deadline, 8 cutouts must be ordered. We will not print your school’s cutouts unless you reach the 8 cutout minimum per order deadline. In the event that you don’t reach the 8 cutout minimum, we will, on a case-by-case basis, work with your school to get your cutout printed although there may be a significant delay in delivery.

Are LoCoCutouts waterproof?

We print LoCoCutouts on 4mm corrugated plastic which is the same material used for standard yard signs. Your cutouts should last outside for the season, but you might want to refresh it next year!